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The Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh is a Birmingham Michigan Divorce Lawyer and Mediator who handles all kinds of divorces -- from the friendliest, uncontested divorce where she represents one of the parties whose spouse participates without an attorney, to the most serious of divorce circumstances, such as those requiring the termination of parental rights. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your options and payment plans to make it as convenient as possible during this hardship.

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Family Law Attorney In Birmingham Michigan

Birmingham Michigan is an elite little town that is very unique from most cities in Michigan. When the time comes that you decide you need an attorney in Birmingham Michigan, it is critical you call a divorce attorney in Birmingham that specializes in handling divorce cases in Birmingham, Michigan. Although the Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh is based out of Southfield Michigan, you will find the location very convenient.

Jannelle is a Birmingham family law attorney that defines the phrase "conflict resolution" and is dedicated to helping couples keep the costs of a divorce as low as possible -- and that includes both the financial costs and the emotional costs! We offer a variety of services, including providing the information our clients need to determine whether or not to get divorced at all! If you should decide to move forward and file for divorce why not choose an attorney that is an experienced Birmingham Michigan divorce attorney and has helped many clients in the the city of Birmingham.

The more a couple can make their own decisions about their divorce, the more they will stay out of court and the more money they will save! Jannelle uses her experience as a Birmingham Divorce attorney to make sure her clients' rights are protected and ALL the necessary issues are discussed and resolved, while still allowing both parties to maintain control over their agreement to the highest degree possible. This is NOT the kind of law suit where a "windfall" check is going to arrive at the end! The less parties spend on "fighting", the less they will spend on attorney fees and the more money they will have to divide between themselves!

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