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Are you thinking about filing for divorce in Oakland County? Have you been served with divorce papers in Oakland County, Michigan? According to family law courts in Michigan, you have to live in the county you will be filing for divorce for 10 days. You do however have to live in the state of Michigan for 180 days prior to filing for divorce in Oakland County or any County for that matter.

Not every Oakland County divorce attorney is the going to get you the same results. Not all attorneys specialize in family law matters in Oakland County. If you were going through a troubled time in your life and you needed brain surgery you would want to be in the hands of a doctor that specializes in brain surgery. A doctor that makes you feel comfortable that they have been through the procedure successfully many times. Thats what you can expect regarding family law at The Law Offices Of Jannelle J. Zawaideh. Family Law and Divorce is our specialty.

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As you can imagine, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer in Oakland County that is going to offer everything you need plus much more. After all, this is a difficult situation and you want to make sure that you are in good hands. The Oakland County Family Law Offices of Jannelle J. Zawaideh is located within minutes of Oakland County, Michigan. Oakland County Family Law Attorney Jannelle J. Zawaideh specializes in:

What to Look for in a Oakland County Michigan Divorce Attorney

A Oakland County Michigan divorce attorney that can help in other areas, such as spousal support and child custody, is a huge asset. Even though divorce may be first and foremost on your mind, if you have children you must also consider where they will live, who will be the primary care taker, etc. An attorney who is experienced in this area will be able to help you with both your divorce, as well as any other issues that come up.

Experience is important when hiring a Oakland County divorce attorney. You want to make sure that your lawyer is able to answer all your questions, offer a large knowledge base, and of course, help you to get what is yours.

When working alongside Jannelle J. Zawaideh, you never have to worry about anything. Jannelle has experience with divorce, child custody, spousal support, marital property division, child support, prenuptials, and many other areas of family law. Oakland County is located on the east side of the state Michigan. Divorce Lawyer Jannelle J. Zawaideh has handled many divorce cases in Oakland County, Michigan. If you are interested in hiring a qualified and experienced Oakland County Michigan divorce attorney, call Jannelle J. Zawaideh today at 248-356-0600. This is a decision that is sure to work in your favor.

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